Certificado ISO 9001
25 años de experiencia

Servicio técnico

en toda  España

Certificado ISO 9001
25 años de experiencia

Servicio técnico

en toda  España

Ozone Generators and Ultraviolet Equipment

The Manufacture and Installation of Ozone Generators, Ozone Lamps and Ultraviolet Equipment

(Without putting in chemical products, air fresheners and other consumables)

We are an ozone equipment company that has been manufacturing Ozone lamps and ultraviolet equipment since 1992. We perform complete equipment installations and provide solutions to treat both AIR and WATER. Our goal is to offer the best product, the best installation and the best results for each case and for each client.. Request a quote

circulo aire limpio english
circulo agua english

Bacteriological disinfection

Legionella Treatments

eliminación olores y gases industriales


  • The manufacture and development of all equipment is in accordance with the current regulations. Because we follow such strict quality control, this has led us to be well recognised by our customers.

  • Interozono manufactures and designs the equipment uniquely, depending on what is needed for each client. This means that every piece of equipment made by us is custom built for the clients needs.

  • With more than 1,000 installations throughout many different sectors, we are well endorsed and represented by many.

Environmental Solutions Products

ozono industrial

Industrial ozone generators

Ozono desinfección aire

Ozonizers for domestic and for semi-industrial use

Ozone generator lamps

Complete systems delivered with all equipment and installations

Ultraviolet UV-C equipment for the disinfection of air and water

ultravioleta agua desinfección
Panel UV-C Aire
Tunel ultravioleta aire
certificado garantia

Direct manufacturer’s warranty & Technical service throughout Spain


Technical and Commercial Advisory Design and Engineering Installation and Start-up

Servicio Técnico y mantenimiento

Technical Service and Maintenance Quick and Effective Solutions

We manufacture 3 Equipment Ranges and perform complete Custom Installations to treat AIR and WATER:

Cañón ozono

Domestic Equipment

Desinfección natural agua

Semi Industrial Equipment

ozono industrial

Industrial equipment

Contact Us

We are always interested in new projects, big or small. So if you have a project, please don´t hesitate to contact us..

If you want to ask us any questions, feel free to call us on (+34) 915 680 505 or send us an e-mail. If you want to submit a proposal for your budget, please send it to: Request a quote


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