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Certificado ISO 9001
25 años de experiencia

Servicio técnico

en toda  España

AIR Environmental Solutions

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Desinfección aire tratamientos

Clean air

The high oxidizing action of ozone allows it to act on the molecules and particles that flow through the air. We speak of clean air when we refer to pure air, without pollutants that alter its basic

Ozone and UV-C are two highly powerful technologies that guarantee clean, quality air, both in indoor environments for human health and in the air from toxic and foul-smelling industries in order to expel them into the atmosphere in the right way. Complying at all times with state regulations and providing the user of this air a healthy and ecological protection.

Bacterial disinfection

Ozone (O3) is a harmless gas formed by electrical discharges and has a very high oxidizing value, much more than other gases or chemicals made Only with the help of ambient oxygen and electricity can we get this compound that disintegrates without leaving residual trace that is harmful. When we refer to Bacteriological Disinfection, we refer to the action of ozone in contact with bacteria present in the air, microscopic organisms that reproduce by binary fission and very rapidly, so that they are usually very abundant normally grouped into pairs, chains or packages.

Thanks to the highly oxidizing composition of this gas, which acts by grouping this set of bacteria, wounding them, it then eliminates them gradually and completely, leaving practically no trace of them. Ozone is capable of destroying all these bacteria

eliminación olores, gases

Elimination of odours

We remove odours produced by industries (meat, animal waste, recycling, sanitary products, factories, slaughterhouses, landfills, paper bins, ),

E.D.A.R. and E.B.A.R. stations, pumping wells, as well as all garbage rooms, fishmongers, gyms, confined environments, workspaces with little ventilation, in short, any place that produces a bad smell.

Its elimination is crucial because bad smells are causing many problems in human health and in populations being afflicted by very strong industrial smells. The vast majority of them are polluting the atmosphere not only with the smell, but also from bacteria caused and attracted to this unique problem.

In INTEROZONO we have the solution, our extensive experience in the elimination of odours being present in hundreds of companies shows why many businesses endorse us. Ozone is the best system by which to eliminate this problem without having to use chemicals, air fresheners etc., These types of products eventually run out and need to be applied regularly and kept in well protected storage. Ozone doesn’t leave any residual trace in the environment and can therefore, be considered an ecological product.

Purification Gases and Smoke

The capture of gases and fumes that are harmful to the population is one of INTEROZONO’s main operation. This process is carried out in 5 well- defined phases:

  • The study of the air needing to be purified (chemical, bacteriological, )
  • Air capture (mercaptan gases, bad smells, particles, and others)
  • Extraction
  • Depuration/Purification
  • Clean air released back into the atmosphere. We will explain those steps in more detail

Study of the nature of the air to be purified:

This is the air environment saturated with bacteriological load, odours and particles in suspension from wastewater treatment or industrial processes. We first study the current situation to decide on the best method to improve it.

Air capture:

The installation contains a suction duct for the air (gases) that are directed towards the purification system. This duct is suspended in the building, warehouse etc., above the hoppers/chutes, or areas to be purified. The cylindrical ducts made of anti-corrosion material.


The extraction calculation (air/gas/particle extraction) is based on obtaining a healthy, clean environment for the workers and that the discharge complies with the regulations in force. For this purpose, the calculation begins with a scale of between a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 air renewals per hour. In this case, this data (flow and pressure) indicates the type of fan required: a centrifugal fan made of anti-corrosion material.

Air purification:

Once the air has been captured and channelled through the ducts, it is directed towards the Scrubber deodorisation system “through moisture + ozone”, or through activated carbon filters, manufactured by INTEROZONO with its own technology.

This system consists of 3 phases:

Scrubber towers made up of special filtering material for contact with different corrosive components, where one of the phases of purification and deodorization of the air is treated (contact between gases – ozone – water – filtering material) is carried out.

Generation of ozone/air (in situ), for this process the equipment takes the filtered ambient air as raw material to convert it into ozone by means of an electro-physical process that converts oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). once the ozone has been generated, it is injected into the scrubber towers and into an attached water tank, which supplies water to the pump that injects saturated water with ozone into the scrubber/wash towers. The ozone injected (in air and water) to the 3 scrubber towers is mixed with gases and filled with filter material, the mixing time inside the scrubber towers ensures the deodorization process. this process is based on the oxidation of organic matter in the air. The greater the saturation of organic matter in the air, the greater the filtering mass and the concentration of ozone/m3. Ozone oxidizes the organic matter, obtaining purified air or water (disinfected) without providing chemical products.

Wet process is the process of injecting water saturated with ozone for mixing with gases and filter filler material, in order to accelerate the contact ozone / gases inside the scrubber towers.


Once the air has passed through the deodorisation system, it is released through a chimney providing air free of unpleasant gases, odours and particles. Complying with the regulations for the discharge of industrial fumes and gases.

Moulds and fungi removal

Another of the great characteristics of ozone is its ability to eliminate all types of fungi and moulds attached to any surface for example, near food, cameras, in basements etc. The great oxidizing property of the (O3) means that these organisms do not have the capacity to live in such a healthy and clean environment that is produced when ozonizing the area. It will completely prevent the creation and reproduction of these organisms, as well as the elimination of those present at the beginning of the

Fungi and moulds are good at attacking food, such as dairy products or flours. In short, almost all perishables that need to be cured in order to acquire their main qualities are usually the most damaged by these organisms that destroy the product’s organoleptic quality.

INTEROZONO’s technology, apart from being very familiar in this field with many active facilities in all different food sectors, ensures the elimination of fungi and moulds that bring so much trouble, without having to use harmful products or exhaustive weekly cleaning (sometimes even daily) to ensure that the quality of the final product doesn’t change from the beginning and that no alteration spoils the natural process until it reaches consumers in a healthy and clean way. Undoubtedly the advanced technology that INTEROZONO offers is the most effective and efficient on the market.

Desinfección suelo , paredes , techos y sumideros Interozono

Disinfection of floors, walls, ceilings and sinks

The places where any type of product is stored or any activity that needs hygienic-sanitary guarantee is carried out must be completely clean and disinfected without having a bacteriological trace or organic matter that can cause serious problems. The environmental ozonation system is the best method for these types of situations where hygiene is not correct. Our Ozone production on site is 24 hours a day or alternating by hours ensuring that the thorough removal of particles or organic matter that can be cause at the scene is removed completely. The spread of ozone reaches all places: floor, walls, ceilings, sinks; everything. Its installation is very easy, simply consisting of identifying the best location to place the ozone generator in the problem area. We always adapt to the problem in order to generate the amount of ozone necessary in each place. Our professional technical team performs a previous analysis study of the area that is affected and of the entire premises and manufactures the necessary ozone generator in each case

Oxygenation confined spaces

Many of the workplaces, like laboratories, offices, cutting rooms, sports centres, warehouses, and basements tend to be compact spaces in which oxygenation and ventilation are completely non-existent, causing many different inconveniences such as the transmission of diseases, unpleasant odours, bacteriological load, unfitness, and anger. They often completely ignore the need for a healthy environment that creates a clean and healthy space in which users can be comfortable, feel happy and

We believe that Ozone is entirely necessary, as it is a very useful and almost essential in all those places where this problem occurs. Logically we can overlook it and turn a blind eye without worrying, but we will certainly be making a serious mistake. The production of ozone is completely compatible with the human presence. In fact, it is very beneficial as we will breathe pure oxygen without substances that alter the quality of environment (mites, bacteria, viruses, bad smells).

Thanks to the experience that supports us we guarantee with total security and effectiveness of our products. We are manufacturers with more than 25 years of experience and factories in Madrid and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria reaching all of Spain and internationally without intermediation of distributors offering the best technology with a guarantee of 2 years, apart from the official maintenance service factory.

Ozone is the best way to deal with these types of problems. Its implementation is very easy and economical without having to incur large expenses which results in a clean, healthy environment without the use of chemicals and air fresheners that are not only harmful to health in the long term, but also need to be renewed frequently.


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