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Certificado ISO 9001
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WATER Environmental Solutions

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Ozono tratamiento agua desinfección

Clean water

We refer to clean water when we speak of a purified, healthy, disinfected, translucent water that meets the mineral and bacteriological standards, perfect either for consumption or for any other use that we can give. Having clean water means vitality and strength, whether reused or regenerated, like in springs, reservoirs or lakes from rainfall, seas or rivers, they must always have and meet minimum specifications depending on the use we want to give them.

The ozone generators designed by INTEROZONO are the key to success in achieving this water quality for each destination by complying at all times with the minimum standards required and surpassing them. Ozone gas composed of three oxygen particles is a harmless element that acts as a biocide and algaecide in all types of water, generating a quality product for that reason we refer to CLEAN WATER.

Bacteriological disinfection

One of the main handicaps in the quality of water is its bacteriological load, as a general rule almost all bacteria tends to live, generate and reproduce in water especially in stagnant water and, at certain temperatures more can be created. Many of the bacteria contained in the water are very infectious, even deadly, so a good disinfection is absolutely necessary to eradicate this problem

There are many biocides on the market, most of them chemical. They are harmful to health and the environment as well as being consumable and carrying the handicap of having to be stored and handled by operators with all the costs and risks that entails.

Undoubtedly the best valued and positioned is OZONE, innocuous and highly oxidizing gas located on the biocide scale as one of the best as it does not require consumables as it is a low consumption electrical appliance. Its residue is 0% because it disintegrates completely and is not harmful to health or the environment, as well as not having to be stored or handled at any time. Its broad aseptic action is capable of eliminating all types of bacteria present in water: E. coli, Legionella, Nematodes, Brain-eating amoeba, Salmonella, Clostridium tetani, Staphylococcus aureus and more.

The ozone generators manufactured by INTEROZONO are easy to install and maintain, we adapt to the problems of each water situation and each customer by designing a strategic plan for all cases.

Cisterns and Deposits

These storage places are essential in all types of industries that need water use distributors throughout the enclosure or place where it will be used. One of the biggest problems on these sites is their large capacity of watertight storage when the place has no use of water which makes the risk of infection quite likely.

The water in cisterns or tanks when not in motion stagnates periodically and can become contaminated with bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae that the air brings with it. These places are considered critical risk points and their correct cleaning and maintenance are absolutely compulsory to prevent any irregular circumstance that may occur. Undoubtedly the best system to carry out these tasks is the ozonisation or treatment of the water that is stored there with ultraviolet systems as it helps in avoiding any risk creating itself at all times.

The very high oxidative bactericidal action of ozone or UV-C are perfect for these storage sites, as they work progressively without turning off to ensure prevention, quality and healthiness of the water.

Purified water and treated wastewater treatment

The quality of the water wherever its destination is undoubtedly the main factor to follow, obeying all the minimum criteria required by law. Otherwise, we would be making a very serious mistake that would be very damaging to the environment.

  • Drinkable water purification: the extra oxygenation and bacteriological elimination of these waters is an absolute benefit, providing more quality and avoiding infectious problems.

Ozone generators are fully complementary for this type of water implementing higher quality in the final product that is to be consumed. Thanks to its enormously biocidal capacity, perfect standards are achieved that make water clean, healthy and safe.

  • Purified Water: the measures of evaluation of these waters by general rule tend to be very poor, in the majority of cases they do not fulfil the necessary requirements as to be able to give them the use that we want, nevertheless, many do it by ignoring the law exercising practices that are harmful as much for them and for people that can be around that environment. A breach of the reclaimed/depurated water law can lead to heavy penalties and fines of almost millions or even the closure of those facilities if the levels are disastrous.

Almost all of them use chlorination systems, peroxides, etc., as we have already mentioned, in their action against the problems with the water, complying with the regulations, but without obtaining highly beneficial standards for their use. The chemical products succeed, but the secondary effects are sometimes much worse, as they have a residual effect that when using this water can cause more problems.

The OZONE advanced technology of the future is evidently the best option in the market for all its ecological and harmless advantages, behaving at a higher level than the chemicals reaching the perfect levels in the water for whatever use. Its properties are unsurpassed by any competitor, so it is undoubtedly the best option that can be chosen to treat purified reclaimed water, reaching places in very poor conditions and obtain standards unattainable by any other product.

agoa de riego agrícola ozonizada

Agricultural Irrigation

The world of agriculture is always looking for solutions, technologies and improvements that make life easier for farmers. Nowadays more than ever, we look to do this in an ecological way without damaging the product.

With the use of ozone that is completely possible as its benefits are numberless in agriculture. It further helps to cut costs, something that other sources like chemicals don’t do.

These are the main advantages of the OZONE in the agricultural use:

  • It provides maximum oxygenation to the water “REDOX+” obtaining a pure and healthy water.
  • Thanks to the extra oxygenation, the plant is given better vitality.
  • It achieves a natural improvement in the coloration of the plant and the product, without contributing anything.
  • It improves the rooting on the ground settling the plant very strongly.
  • It avoids the formation and proliferation of diseases, which cause many problems. It is a harmless biocide spread by water on the plant.
  • It produces a saving in the purchase of fertilizers and replanting, with its properties contributed to the water avoids the excess use of fertilizers.
  • It practically eliminates the use of phytosanitary products that contribute negative things to the plant.
  • It is not necessary so often to renew the earth thanks to the contribution of oxygen coming from the water, saving costs.
  • Saves hundreds of hours of human work that would be needed to recover the land.
agua de riego ozono

Irrigation of Golf courses and Gardens

In the last few years, unfortunately, the precious resource of water is gradually being wasted. Fraudulent use and a lack of commitment to reuse it have made us where we are today. The recycling of water currently has as much weight as eating daily as the importance of recycling is absolutely necessary for everyone if in the future, we would like to have gardens, fields, pastures, and plants. We must be aware and seek methods by which we can recycle and reuse the maximum amount of water as many countries do.

The law and statutes of water in recent times have changed, giving a very necessary importance to the reuse of water. That is why the EU, Spain and it’s autonomous regions have now set to work together and have dictated that all water used for irrigation in large dimensions has to be regenerated / reused purified water, from purification plants that accumulate the water that is used every day in all places.

The places where the use of these waters is required generally need a minimum guaranteed quality in order to be able to feed their land in a correct way, which with reclaimed water in many cases is totally impossible. There are several types of reclaimed water that are quoted at different values, but normally the quality of these is usually quite negative. High bacteriological parameters, chemical pollution, organic waste, turbidity and bad odours are the most common factors, which is why all these places that need these waters have to be used to regenerate the quality of it, obtaining a clean and pure water full of vitality to irrigate their sports fields and gardens.

The technique of ozone in the regeneration of these waters is the best possibility that currently exists in the market, the high oxidative load used, depending on the quality of the water we treat makes the levels of this return to be practically the same as being brand new, even better reaching almost perfect parameters using a clean, healthy and harmless product. Ozone guarantees full compliance with the law, apart from generating many cost savings with its use in reclaimed water for irrigation.

tratamiento piscina ozono

Pools and Spa

The use of ozone or UV-C in water used for recreational purposes is becoming a real and modern fact that adapts to new times and to the ecological thoughts of new generations.

These technologies are a useful and necessary step to take both for the businessman and for the everyday user of these waters. You can treat the water with the systems that INTEROZONO offers in the market without assuming great costs since we are manufacturers and we have the best engineering adapted to each client and place. The profitability obtained from this equipment is short term generating enormous advantages over competitors who do not make use of them.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Elimination of dryness of the skin.
  • Elimination of eye redness.
  • Increased benefits for the skin thanks to oxygenation.
  • Purity and cleanliness of water.
  • Extermination of consumables (chemical products).
  • 0% of residue in the environment.
  • Low energy expenditure.
  • Disinfection 24 hours a day.
  • Royal decree compliance (High standards)
  • Elimination of product storage.
  • Cost savings.

Many SPAS and swimming pools (private, community and municipal) already make use of this authentic new technology positioned as the best in the market having unmatched advantages over their competitors.

We have more than 25 years of experience and hundreds of installations all over the world. Our professionalism and the guarantee offered by INTEROZONO with equipment built from the factory, to your business without the action of any other intermediary.


Jacuzzis, as well as swimming pools and spas, must offer a guarantee of healthiness in both bacteriological and water quality. The Jacuzzis, whether private or common in therapeutic centres or spas, must offer a superior quality for the users who enjoy the facilities. There is no doubt that in the market for the treatment of water in Jacuzzis, ozone is the most advanced, competing with a high standard against opponents, offering many and better guarantees of quality and healthiness.

With more than 250 spaces ozonized by our engineering we guarantee the security of these equipment’s from manufacturing, to installation. They are easy to use and simple to operate and for this reason, we have a great reputation with our cliental.

Bacteriological disinfection

Public sources, rafts and ponds

Hundreds and hundreds of fountains, ponds and rafts decorate our public environment making it something nice and pleasant for the population. However, the water that is used in them sometimes is not so much. European and state regulation dictates that this type of water must have a high level of control and some very strict parameters that in many cases are not being fulfilled even in the slightest.

Non-compliance with these laws in waters used in public places is something very harmful to the health of the population, creating risky situations that with the use of systems for treatment would be completely neutralized. As we already know there are many systems and products that are used as preventive treatments and eradication, but currently only the use of ozone is the top of the pyramid competing at the highest level as the best solution offered in the market. We are the only product at the moment achieving the parameters and complying with the regulations in an effective way that by law is required in this type of water use.

Legionella – Prevention Annual plan

Any company that makes use of water for human consumption, as well as all the water that is used in the public system and that is used for leisure must comply with the levels of legionella required by current legislation. All prevention, maintenance and certification work must be carried out by an external company that is licensed to do it.

In INTEROZONO we offer all these works complying with the current legislations. We are registered in the R.O.E.S.B núm.301-CAC-LEG specifically authorized in the law of prevention of legionella and our range of action goes from prevention, with our more advanced systems (OZONO Y UV-C), to the certification of the works carried out and the corresponding analyses following the annual plan established by the state and the maintenance of the installations with full security for the use with quality guarantees.

The law of prevention and certification can never be overlooked, that is why INTEROZONO is committed to our customers and those who are coming to offer this service at a very competitive low price apart from giving them the best performance and technical possibilities of the market.


Redox , DQO y DBO


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