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Certificado ISO 9001
25 años de experiencia

Servicio técnico

en toda  España

Golf and Football Course Irrigation

Ozono riego campos golf
ozono riego campos futbol

The treatment and purification of irrigation water, lakes and ponds (drinkable, well, dammed rain, purified and regenerated residual)


Interozono offers compliance and certifications required by Environmental Health:

Compliance with R.D. Legionella: R.D. 865/2003 (Annual Prevention)

Compliance with R.D. Purified Waters: R.D. 1620/2007 (Quality 1.1, 1.2, 4.1)

Environmental solutions for golf/football course irrigation systems.

Treatment and purification of irrigation water (potable and purified waste):

Field Director: Significant Cost and Resource Savings


Water irrigation Ozone Golf Course

– Ozone applied to water provides maximum oxygenation.Solución agua riego campo golf

– Electric ozone generators, WITHOUT recharges and WITHOUT consumables.

– Very low energy cost.

– This oxygenation brings great vitality and natural colouring to the lawn or to the Green.

– A great saving in fertilizer, replanting and phytosanitary.

– The puncture of Green for aeration and recovery diminishes when contributing water with oxygen-ozone.

– It means a saving in working hours to recover the lawn or the Green.

– Savings in cleaning costs, network of pipes and sprinklers for the elimination of BIOFILM.

– Reduction of costs in the superficial cleaning of the water in the lakes.

– Compliance with irrigation standards, guaranteeing the health of field users without chemicals.

Greenkeeper/Groundman: Guarantees the quality of water, grass and Green.

We offer the treatment of your dammed and irrigation water suitable for future Health Inspections.

Benefits applying ozone and all our chemical-free techniques:

– Ozone eliminates the use of chemicals (peroxides, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine etc.).

Intense oxygen and +Redox

– Submerged aeration

– Very low energy cost

No consumables and no recharges

– Green’s puncture for aeration and recovery decreases by providing water with oxygen-ozone.

BIOFILM in pipes and sprinklers: Ozone saturated water CLEANS and ELIMINATES.

– Improved turf rooting

– Prevents the formation of diseases

Cumplimiento del R.D. 1620 / 2007: Reutilización aguas depuradas para riego.

Calidad aguas de riego: Epígrafes: 2.2 (riego agrícola) y 4.1 (riego Golf)

Ozono garantiza: E. Coli Menos de 200 UFC/100 ml

Nematodos: Menos de 1 huevo/10 L

Legionela: Menos de 100 UFC / L

Riego ozonizado

We supply and install equipment:

Ozone generators

Ultraviolet equipment

Compressors / Blowers

Surface and submerged aerators

Control Equipment + Measurement


We offer from factory:

Bacteriological disinfection

Elimination of bad smells

Legionella prevention


Redox oxygenation +

Measurement and Control.

Analytics and Certification.


Solutions: Air / Water

Irrigation solutions for golf courses

Riego ozonizado

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